Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some great live songs by some great lookin people

Smith "Baby It's You" Live (cover song)

I gotta say, I'm kind of into the whole sitting around the band looking too cool for school/bored out of their minds. Nowadays, if you get that close to the band you'll most likely go home deaf and blind from the blast of bass and booming overpowering lighting effects. Only Gayle McCormack could wear that cowboyish indian period piece sleeved shirt and get away with it -- maybe Janis Joplin too. Gotta love the way she dances too...kindof like she's trying to let you know that she likes the drugs when she's not performing.

Jackie Wilson "Baby Work It Out" Live 1964

Oh Jackie. Look at those moves. It has been told that when Michael Jackson was backstage singing with his brothers in The Jackson Five, he saw Jackie Wilson dancing and swinging his hips around and realized that he wanted to dance just like that -- and so he did...kindof sortof...minus all the crotch grabbing and moon walking...
I'd like to dance like/with Jackie Wilson.

Ike and Tina Turner "Proud Mary" Live
You HAVE to watch this video the whole way through...or at least until they all start dancing.
Tina's backup girls are probably the best backup singers/dancers to have, ever.
Look at those dresses! If I can even call them dresses...Look at those long tank tops!
Oh and um, check out the faces on Tina when she's "rolling, rolling, rolling on the reeeaavaaahh"

The Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" music video

I don't know what this says about me but this is how I learned to dance and surprisingly enough, it's won me quite the batch of ladies! Only Mick Jagger can get away with looking sexy in purple leotard and white gypsy pants. Prancing around like some kid who just learned to walk on a sugar high. Keith looks like he's been revived from the dead a few times. Ronnie looks like a drag queen, and Charlie looks like their father.

Start me up Mick.

Makes me Feel Weird

Besides snowstorms before Halloween, here are some other seasonally inappropriate occurrences that make me feel weird this time of year:

  • People who wear puffy jackets when its pushing 60 degrees out.
  • People who wear Ugg boots with bare legs.
  • People who wear puffy jackets with bare legs.
  • People who go sockless in flats, yet bundle up everywhere else.
  • People who wear hoods under hats (this makes me feel weird any time of year).
  • People who wear hats under hoods (only excusable if it's blizzarding).
  • People who wear scarves that fall longer than their skirts.
  • People who wear shorts over tights AND slap on the Ugg boots.
  • People who wear Ugg boots and mistake leggings for pants (see video bellow)
  • People who dress their babies in equally as weather-inappropriate outfits as they dress themselves. (i.e. the baby in the snowsuit whose stroller passes by the baby in the sleeveless onesie)

These are just some I witnessed on my commute today - I'm sure I will have more to add as the season roars on. Come on people - seize the little bit of fall we have and embrace jacket weather while it lasts!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Delooooorean Deloooorean Deloren, Delorean.

Remember Back To The Future? Who doesn't. Remember that great 80's car that was featured as the "time machine" Well, it's called a Delorean, and it's making a comeback.

Don't ask me why they decided to bring back a car that was mass produced and sold on the markets, only to realize shortly thereafter that nobody could park their car next to anybody without not being able to exit their vehicle or trashing the side of the car right next to them -- but whatevs.

They're making this gas guzzling 80's star into a ......get ready....electric car!! In 2013 they'll be releasing an electric version of this unparkable sensation.

first response: what the fuck.

second response: wait...that might be great.

third response: wasn't there a reason for them taking this off the market other than oil??? hmmm......

Till then! I hope you live in the middle of nowhere
so you can park out in the open where no other cars can touch you.
Or I hope you have really good  fucking car insurance.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's are a drag....queen.


Sometimes, there's nothing I love more at the end of the day than a good old shitty reality show starring gay boys who love to dress up as fantastic (and sometimes frightening) queens prancing around in 6 inch heels, wearing things only a 42nd St Hooker could pick out. Yes, ok, they may be 10 foot 4 in those platforms, and sure the butt and boob padding may seem a bit fake at times (especially when accompanied by too much "illusion clevege" that just ends up looking like two drips of coffee ended up in the wrong place...what was I saying...I lost my thought...I'm pretty sure I left a bracket open back there....Anyway. Nobody does Queen Bitch better than last years Rupaul's Drag Race winner "Bebe Zaharah Benet"
Oh! I didn't see you there!
from Camarooooooooon. There is something to be said about large black men who master the art of "femininity" or rather..."extreme overtly sexual in your face bitchy attitude womaness RARRR" --- that's more like it. It's quite alarming to see what the contestants look like when they all take off their "costumes." Some of them are quite the "dudes" others, sort of look like they just don't have their make up on. Some leave the mannerisms for the stage, but most do not do anything of the sort! These raging queens are hilariously entertaining to watch because they not only have to "lip sync for their lives" at the end of each show (of course to a chosen RuPaul dance song) but they draw, make, sow, sing, dance, act and do pretty much anything in these "characters" they've created.

Mr and Mrs and Mr ...and Mrs Obama and Michelle.

Anyway, Monday's are a drag -- but hey! There's HOPE! Just look at Obama Ru and Michelle Paul.
(By the way his real name is Ru Paul....googles it.)