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Holiday Gift 2011

So that time of year is upon us where we must empty our bank accounts and start buying shit for others. This year I decided to boycott NYC's holiday season madness and have refused to step foot in a single store.

All of my holiday shopping has been done online.

So here I will feature some of the best gift sites I have stumbled upon. I won't include specific items, as I don't want to risk giving away what I got for certain people who might be reading this!

For the ladies in your life check these sites out (warning, these gifts tend to be on the pricey side):

For the gentlemen (and some for the gadget loving ladies) in your life:

Many sites feature free shipping this time of year, so take advantage of that. You better hurry though, the days are ticking away. Also, remember Hanukkah starts on the 20th this year!

Happy spending!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feeling Corky

I went to a bar last night called Von. The entire downstairs ceiling was covered in wine corks. It was pretty great looking. There's so much one can do with left over wine corks!

We all know about making a cork board out of wine corks, but if you want to take your cork crafts a notch higher, a good place to start is with the cork bathmat - still a pretty simple cork project. Very rustic and super absorbent.

Then there's the guy in the Czech Republic who covered his entire house with corks. Check him out here. That's some true dedication.

Then there are some more artistic uses of corks.... the cork truck and the cork chair are two of my personal favorites.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mustachio Monday

Some great 'stache'es

Numero uno

Numero Two
Slightly large animal on the face stache
I want to see him eat a sandwich.
Numero Tres
Sellek, what a hottie hairy stache monster.
Numero 4
007-stache. Who knew?! Porn star.
 Numero 5
Borat-stache. Yegshumache!
Number cinque
 No. 6
It's a Me a Mario-stache
(sorry Luigi)
 Numeré otto
Walken-stache. Awesome stache.
# 9 #9 #9 #9
Pepperland Staches
Hello, Hello.

UGH! *dry heave* YUAHCK. ugH.  *gag* disgusting, yet, impressive. 
This guy holds the Guinness world record for the longest (and smelliest) moustachio
in tha verld!!!!!
He kindof looks like


Friday, December 2, 2011

Beatle Fact Friday

Although it was not used in the original take, a 41 piece orchestra was eventually asked to play on the song "Day in the Life". The musicians were all asked to dress formally. Upon arrival to the recording session, in true Beatles fashion, each orchestra member was given a novelty costume to wear (false noses, party hats, gorilla-paw gloves). The orchestra was conducted by Paul McCartney, who told them to start with the lowest note of their instruments and gradually play to the highest.

As most know, the beginning half of the song was written by John Lennon and the second half written by Paul McCarty. In the first verse, John was inspired by a story he read in the Daily Mail newspaper. The line "Blew his mind out in the car." was taken from the story of Guinness heir Tara Browne dying when he smashed his lotus into a parked van. John clearly took some creative license in writing this lyric, as Tara Browne's death was in fact accidental.

The last verse is also taken from a newspaper headline. The lyric "4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire" was taken from the UK Daily Express, January 17, 1967 in a column called "Far And Near." John's friend Terry Doran was the one who completed John's line "Now they know how many holes it takes to fill..." Terry told him "fill the Albert Hall, John."

And so an epically beautiful song was written purely off the inspiration of newpaper headlines - it is said that this was something that Paul and John challenged each other to do - always with a competitive spirit those two!