Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's are a drag....queen.


Sometimes, there's nothing I love more at the end of the day than a good old shitty reality show starring gay boys who love to dress up as fantastic (and sometimes frightening) queens prancing around in 6 inch heels, wearing things only a 42nd St Hooker could pick out. Yes, ok, they may be 10 foot 4 in those platforms, and sure the butt and boob padding may seem a bit fake at times (especially when accompanied by too much "illusion clevege" that just ends up looking like two drips of coffee ended up in the wrong place...what was I saying...I lost my thought...I'm pretty sure I left a bracket open back there....Anyway. Nobody does Queen Bitch better than last years Rupaul's Drag Race winner "Bebe Zaharah Benet"
Oh! I didn't see you there!
from Camarooooooooon. There is something to be said about large black men who master the art of "femininity" or rather..."extreme overtly sexual in your face bitchy attitude womaness RARRR" --- that's more like it. It's quite alarming to see what the contestants look like when they all take off their "costumes." Some of them are quite the "dudes" others, sort of look like they just don't have their make up on. Some leave the mannerisms for the stage, but most do not do anything of the sort! These raging queens are hilariously entertaining to watch because they not only have to "lip sync for their lives" at the end of each show (of course to a chosen RuPaul dance song) but they draw, make, sow, sing, dance, act and do pretty much anything in these "characters" they've created.

Mr and Mrs and Mr ...and Mrs Obama and Michelle.

Anyway, Monday's are a drag -- but hey! There's HOPE! Just look at Obama Ru and Michelle Paul.
(By the way his real name is Ru Paul....googles it.)

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