Thursday, November 10, 2011

Makes me Feel Weird

Besides snowstorms before Halloween, here are some other seasonally inappropriate occurrences that make me feel weird this time of year:

  • People who wear puffy jackets when its pushing 60 degrees out.
  • People who wear Ugg boots with bare legs.
  • People who wear puffy jackets with bare legs.
  • People who go sockless in flats, yet bundle up everywhere else.
  • People who wear hoods under hats (this makes me feel weird any time of year).
  • People who wear hats under hoods (only excusable if it's blizzarding).
  • People who wear scarves that fall longer than their skirts.
  • People who wear shorts over tights AND slap on the Ugg boots.
  • People who wear Ugg boots and mistake leggings for pants (see video bellow)
  • People who dress their babies in equally as weather-inappropriate outfits as they dress themselves. (i.e. the baby in the snowsuit whose stroller passes by the baby in the sleeveless onesie)

These are just some I witnessed on my commute today - I'm sure I will have more to add as the season roars on. Come on people - seize the little bit of fall we have and embrace jacket weather while it lasts!

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