Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Delooooorean Deloooorean Deloren, Delorean.

Remember Back To The Future? Who doesn't. Remember that great 80's car that was featured as the "time machine" Well, it's called a Delorean, and it's making a comeback.

Don't ask me why they decided to bring back a car that was mass produced and sold on the markets, only to realize shortly thereafter that nobody could park their car next to anybody without not being able to exit their vehicle or trashing the side of the car right next to them -- but whatevs.

They're making this gas guzzling 80's star into a ......get ready....electric car!! In 2013 they'll be releasing an electric version of this unparkable sensation.

first response: what the fuck.

second response: wait...that might be great.

third response: wasn't there a reason for them taking this off the market other than oil??? hmmm......

Till then! I hope you live in the middle of nowhere
so you can park out in the open where no other cars can touch you.
Or I hope you have really good  fucking car insurance.


  1. Delorean went off the market after the owner was set up by a conspiracy by auto manufacturers and the FBI for cocaine trafficking. His car was quite advanced for the time: aluminum body (no rust!) lightweight (fairly good on gas) and just looks cool as hell.

  2. correction: Stainless steel body.
    Correction: the doors doesn't touch any car next to it. haven't you seen one for real? I do.