Friday, August 19, 2011

Beatle Fact Friday!

It's Friday and you know what that means -- well, you don't yet but now you will -- It's Beatle Fact Friday!!

Every friday we will be posting a new fact about the Beatles whether it be song meanings or just little known facts about the fab four.

Here it 'tis:

Paul McCartney composed the melody of "Yesterday" one evening in his room around the time when he was with Jane Asher.  During the entire filming of "Help" he worked on fine tuning the song. Initially the lyrics went ""Scrambled Eggs, Oh my baby how I love your legs." Obviously, this was not acceptable to the other band mates. After debating whether or not the melody was already a song published by someone else,  he changed the lyrics to "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away." The song was officially released in the summer of 1965.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stick 'em Up! Oh...that's your iphone...

So, I've been hesitant to share this with the world but since it seems to have gotten a lot of press on the web recently I think I shall share away...
Two decembers ago I received a gift from my mother (as per request) for an awesome looking gun holster thing I saw this guy wearing at a bar downtown somewhere. I asked him about it and it turned out that he made them in his shop which was down the street from that bar downtown somewhere. I wrote down the name of it on a cocktail napkin (madmen!) and promptly googled it and put it on my Christmas list immediately (being that it was over 100 bucks)! Not only does this leather holster work as a iphone holder that has a space for your headphones to slide out but it also has an extra pocket for your ultra slim wallet! Daaaaammnn. Of course, you could use the holster for things other than a phone and a wallet..
So next time you're about to hit that grimy concert hall in the dead of august with your pockets completely full of keys and change and whatever, now you have a place to store your phone AND your wallet so that nobody steals it from you while you're rocking out with your %#@$ out, and nobody will try and fuck with you if they think you're carrying heat -- well, actually, just make sure they don't body check you at the door from wearing this.
Get yours Moneypenny.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paris, je t'aime. New York, j’adore.

A post from Ms. Diane Pepper –

My love affair with Paris dates back to childhood. May it be the food, the lights, the people; there’s something in the Parisian air that woos me unlike any other city in the world. As a native New Yorker, however, the great debate of the cities must rage on. Both hold clout as cultural epicenters. Both have their charms – a fine balance of luxury and grunge. But Paris makes me buckle in the knees in a way New York cannot match. Paris sweeps me off my feet.
To me Paris is like a lover who visits but once a year. A lover for whom you primp and pamper so as to leave the best of yourself lingering in his memory. New York on the other hand, has seen me at my worst - with morning breath and all the telltale signs of the rough night before.
So while Paris holds the refined sweetness a fine wine saved only for special occasions, New York is my closest confidant. A friend who sees all and keeps your worst a secret. New York knows me the most intimately and has protected me over the years. For that I am indented to the city of New York. Should I step in shit in the street, or have crack smoke blown on me in the subway, New York always sees me home safely – and in that alone I am charmed. When it comes to New York, like it or not, I seem to be a lifer.
A lovely comparison of the Parisian vs. the New York charms can be seen here.

Hat's Off !

So, as I've been marathoning through season after season of Mad Men for the past weeks, I'm constantly inspired by the wardrobe selections -- Don Draper's especially. Pretty much all of the props are pretty delectable and have made it on my "must have this ting" list.
From the old typewriters to the essentials of the 60's era nuclear household inspired kitchens, I find the style of Mad Men overall to be quite delicious and aesthetically pleasing. Though I can do without all the smoke and chauvinism, the suits, the hats, even the cars are things that should and have not ever really gone out of style. What has gone out of style a bit is combining all of these factors of 50's and 60's business man style looks into one ferocious throw back invention. One may get stared at a lot if he/she stepped onto the subway looking like Draper... That being said, beg to differ on some occasions. I do see people taking either fedora's or fancy oxfords and incorporating these items into their own style. This can either turn out to be a desperately awful failed wardrobe, or a nice companion to a suitable dressed down yet borderline unique way of showing off your personal taste.
Enough of me rambling, let's get to the links:

Here, you can find a not-so-intense-draper-inspired hat. It's not a fedora, but a nicely styled four corners pork pie in fur felt (multiple color options) and a 1 1/2" brim topped off by a blocked diamond shaped crown. Fantastic, no?! Pick one up at J.J. Hat Center, New York's oldest hat store @ 310 5th Ave or visit their online store here. This one'll put you back $200 -- but let me tell you, it's worth every penny.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

34th Anniversary of Elvis's Death!!!! i mean :( :( :(

So today marks the 34th Anniversary of Elvis's death (if you didn't read the title of this post) and he's still raking in fresh new tears from fans of all ages -- even to this day!

Oh Elvis, maybe you're still alive somewhere -- eating and eating......and eating....hamburger hamburger hamburger ....if you are, please sing one more time for us? I just can't help...falling in (the young you)


Recently, I made a mix and published it on 8tracks. Since then I've gotten "likes" and "followers" every day.
8tracks is a great website, similar to that of the late "muxtapes" (now just a picture of a tape). You upload songs from your computer either from your itunes library or from a program called 8tracks uploader (for mac) which allows you to upload previously made mixes from itunes by simply dragging and dropping in the appropriate field.
I have a series of mixes...the most popular one can be found HERE.



Here you'll find throw back styles from the 50's and 60's -- fashion, rock & roll, collectables!!

These are a few of my favorite tings...

Get ready..... get in the car.