Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tit's and Tricks! I mean..Tips and tricks!

Problem: RUST

Back in the days shaving cream was either a bar of creamy shaving product in a wooden bowl OR a tube of shaving cream in an aluminum tube. Now-a-days, however, you're more likely to come across all sorts of shaving creams that come out of pumps from cans that rust all to easily. The aluminum cans, unlike their ancestors, cause problems when in contact with water. Rust develops on the bottom of the can and then you and your floor or counter are screwed!



If you simply coat the bottom rim with a layer of clear nail polish, it serves as a great protector against rust developing and leaving it's marks all over the place! Of course, you could use any color polish -- but your friends might think you're weird when they use your bathroom and notice that you've nail polished the bottom of all your cans with colored "I'm on my period Red" comment.

So when you're shaving before work, or just getting ready for that big day....
make sure your cream don't leave any stains, that's what the wine's for. And at least you won't be making a fool of yourself rusting up all your counters.....although you might make a fool of yourself dropping all that wine on your white dress after falling on your face! I'll take the rust over that anyday....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Irene! Ahhhyyeee reeeeneee.

So, its been a while since we've posted, but that's because we ditched out for a bit to get some beach before summer's end...

CliffNotes Catchup --

In Washington D.C., the American Flag split ironically
due to force winds up Michelle Bachman's suit dresses.

Irene, in Brooklyn at least, wasn't more than a bad rain storm. I went to bed in anticipation surrounded in the calm before the storm, and awoke with a radio, candles and porn I MEAN flashlights by my bedside expecting an "historic storm"of treacherous proportions -- instead I found people walking their dogs, all the power worked fine, and there were no downed trees in sight. What the F?
The day after this historic failure storm hit brooklyn I could feel the bad hangover in the air from cooping up in their apartments, taping their windows and boarding up outsides, moving furniture and filling the bathtub full of water, buying lots of unnecessary makes me think...
What if all this talk about a huge 'cane was created by Target perhaps they weren't selling enough batteries and wood panels.... HMMMMMM

I was actually looking forward to that "historic storm" as they said it would be. Instead I found myself eating penut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and dinner and marathoning james bond films for a few days.
Aw, now, how many dogs do you think pooped in that exact spot?
He must be a tourist.
There's poop everywhere! Get your face off the floor!
I hope you're drunk.