Friday, September 16, 2011

Bulgarian Belligerence

Should you be wandering the Lower East side looking for some fun, may I recommend you turn down Ludlow and head into Mehanata. The outside looks dingy and run down - totally unsuspecting. Walking by, one would never guess the debauchery that dwells inside.

Mahanata is Manhattan's own Bulgarian bar - and I must say, those Bulgarians know how to get down. The bar itself is situated with wooden swings instead of bar stools. A sign above the bar reads "No shirt? Free shot!" and is indicative of the bar's hedonistic atmosphere.

A live band plays what I can only assume is some form of Bulgarian disco/techno and belly dancers provocatively shake their way around the dance floor. There are hookahs to smoke and characters to meet. But the true gem of this hedonistic hideaway awaits you downstairs.

Down a dark staircase you will find the ice room. There are silver statues of naked female bodices jetting out from every wall. A bartender outfits you with fur coats and Russian military garb and before you know it, you are handed a shot glass made of ice, and thrust into the sub zero ice room. From there you are given 2 minutes to down as many shots of vodka as is humanly possible. A bucket sits in the corner for those who don't fare so well. Sloppy good ol' fun ensues.

This experience is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, but if you're feeling adventuress - check it out! I hear the scene gets increasingly out there as the night goes on. Word is it's one of the best places to go to get laid in the city - so yeah, if that's the kind of fun you're looking for...

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