Monday, September 19, 2011

Corduroy! Cord-awry.

I've never really been a fan of corduroy. It always reminded me of high waist fupa chunky winter school uniform pants and that sort of sickly feeling you get when you realize summer is over and school is about to begin. The dark navy blue color often found in the drab color collection of many private school outfits, definitely doesn't compliment any skin color instead, promoting the undertones of green and purple as though there is a constant florescent light above you. Navy blue uniforms should stay where they ought to the Navy.

ANYWAY, to get back to corduroy -- there's something really depressing about it. I'm not sure if it's due to the navy uniforms I was forced to wear as a kid or because the hippie generation popularized it as a staple of smelly, "homeless," grunge, that sort of torn brown dreadlock cords, frayed at the bottom from walking around in Birkenstocks at Woodstock all day.

Perhaps I will rediscover corduroy, as many are doing this fall, by finding the perfect soft italian cotton corduroy blazer like this one from Adam Kimmel. Although this particular cord jacket will set you back over $1000, one can easily find a cheaper, yet stylish option at Modasuit for only $190!! What I like about these jackets is that you can wear them with pretty much anything either to dress yourself down or to make your casual outfit a bit more refined. These jackets are proof that corduroy blue and brown doesn't have to be depressing or monotonus. You can even add your own unique touch by purchasing these awesome suede elbow patches which compliment the "Wales" rib texture of classic cord fabric fantastically! What sets these beautiful blazers apart from the dreadful fabric the hippies and school administrations choose is the thickness of the cord. Uniforms tend to be made out of shitty textile due to the fact that they have to be mass produced. Thick corduroy usually results in a heavy, stiff, overly old fashioned look, whereas the too thin cord looks like a horrible cheap velvet drape. The trick is to find a medium blend that will show the best aspects of corduroy, while still maintaining style and texture -- in other words, stick to 100% cotton blends or a medium weight pinwale.

Hippies -- step aside in your cord-awry.

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