Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Warning: This is not the most glamorous post this blog will ever see - in fact, I can pretty much guarantee it will be the grossest. So, needless to say, it is not for the faint of heart (or stomach).

Shall we begin with an explanation of the above photo? Yes, the rat is real, and no, it is not photoshopped. This is an image of a GIANT (3 foot?) rat that was killed with a pitckfork in the Marcy projects in Brooklyn.

According to an article featured in this month's New York Magazine, we are in the midst of one of New York City's rat infestations. Yes, rats are par for the course for us New Yorkers. We are used to seeing them scampering down in the subway tracks, or worse in the ally way behind our apartments. But the rat situation is being taken to a whole new level (as evident from the picture above and the video below).

In years past it was said that in the city of New York there was one rat per person - meaning that 8 million rats infested the streets, sewers, and subways of the city. While opinions vary, is now estimated that there are 3 to 4 rats per person - meaning that there are upwards of 20 million rats roaming the city of New York.

As you prepare for the take over of the rats (which now seems inevitable) here are some horrifying facts to keep in mind -- not to scare you, just to make known what we are up against!

  • Female brown rats are sexually mature at eight-to-ten weeks and can produce a litter within 21 days of impregnation.
  • Rats can mate again within eighteen hours of giving birth and routinely turn out more than 50 offspring per year.
  • Rats can swim for more than half a mile, tread water for three days, sometimes even emerging in the bathroom bowl.
  • Rats can gnaw through concrete and lead.
  • Rats can collapse their skeletons to fit through a hole no bigger than a quarter.
  • Rats can go for two weeks without sleeping

FUN TIMES!!! Read the full article HERE

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