Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tips for Tat's

Today's Tips are brought to you by Apple, conquering the world like a fascist, one cancer causing device at a time.
When the hell are they going to release the iPhone 5??!! What's his face, the guy who took over Job's job (huhhhuh), announced the release of the iPhone 4S today-- cheap apple, real cheap. Who gives a damn about an S tagged on to the iphone 4...who cares, really? We want the 5 not the 4S, we already got the 3S and 3GS, stop adding letters, change the number -- it's more exciting that way.

iPhone 4S(pensive) aside, heres some fun things you can do with your Apple Products...

Scenario uno:
You and yourself are in the kitchen. It's late. You're cooking din din. In an attempt to make a healthy meal you get out your carrots and set off to make your deliciouso side dish when -- you realize you don't have a peeler AND, you're too clumsy to use a knife. Then, you grab your two year old Macbook Air and upon feeling its sharp sides, you put together something brilliant. The carrot with the air -- and you get -- a home made carrot shaver. Lame I know, but so great at the same time let's be real.

Scenarioso 2:
You and your self walking down the street when - BAM - you see the new iPhone 4S plastered on the side of a bus that almost runs you over. You think to yourself, "shit, i want that, but I don't want to pay for that."
Wanna find out if you're eligible for that not so great right now upgrade to a 4S? If you've got ATT, you can do just that, without even having to go into an ATT or Apple Store (god forbid)...

Just pick up that old shitty iphone of yours and dial *639# and press call. If you are indeed eligible, you should see someting like this:

Hey $18?! Get the fuck out of here!
What a bahgan.

If you've got Verizon, just log on to your account on the Verizon website and follow the prompts to check whether or not you're eligible! It should look something like this:

I know, it's blurry, whatever, you get the idea...

whenever it comes out...get yours.

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