Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Ti-dip-di-dip

Pilled sweater got you down?

Well it got me down, bitch.

(cough) So if you need a cheap fix for that old sweater of yours that's gotten little nasty snot like fuzzes all over itself -- well, don't chu worry nah. There's a really cheap way to get rid of that shit!

Tell me how!!!

Get a cheap disposable razor (or just take the one you already have) and run it across the fabric where you see the "pills" forming. Be sure to go with the grain of the fabric and not against it in order to prevent tearing and other unfortunate mistakes, like your mother!

End everyting will be all right afterall....

So go ahead, spoil yourself, silly.
Get that ugly Beatles sweater you know always wanted.
And don't worry about it looking any uglier than it already does!
Only tirdy five cents! Get out!
Whatta bahgin!
That's Sweater, ladies, with a capital S.

Get yours.

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