Monday, September 26, 2011

Shades of Grey

4 Button Blazer -- niiiice.
It's 80 degrees outside BUT that's not going to stop me from wearing light wool blends, even if it's just a vest. Lets face it mother earth, it's fall whether you like it or not.

Nothing says fall like light-weight grey wool -- love that shit. A lightish grey is the perfect color for fall because white says summer and black often says winter so an inbetween is a great companion to autumn colors. What I love is that you can have so many different shades of grey and wear them at the same time without looking ridiculously match-y. Grey is simple, but not as direct as black; it's plain, but not as simple as white. That is not to say that black or white are not amazing -- oh contraire -- all three go wonderfully together!

Notice the splash of blue, white and red. If the suit was all white or black and white, the added blue and red might not blend as well and you might get something that resembles the American Flag (ew).
Grey is the perfect background color to supplement otherwise bold colors if they were to stand alone. Dressed down or dressed up, this beautiful, versatile color (or shade, depending on who you talk to) works well with any color -- even shades of itself!
Awesome suit from Park & Bond

To complete the look, here are some great ties from Hickoree's. They have great selection of Made in the USA ties (for real, not the Made in the USA that actually made in China) as well as some great other stuff for your pickin's.


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