Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stick 'em Up! Oh...that's your iphone...

So, I've been hesitant to share this with the world but since it seems to have gotten a lot of press on the web recently I think I shall share away...
Two decembers ago I received a gift from my mother (as per request) for an awesome looking gun holster thing I saw this guy wearing at a bar downtown somewhere. I asked him about it and it turned out that he made them in his shop which was down the street from that bar downtown somewhere. I wrote down the name of it on a cocktail napkin (madmen!) and promptly googled it and put it on my Christmas list immediately (being that it was over 100 bucks)! Not only does this leather holster work as a iphone holder that has a space for your headphones to slide out but it also has an extra pocket for your ultra slim wallet! Daaaaammnn. Of course, you could use the holster for things other than a phone and a wallet..
So next time you're about to hit that grimy concert hall in the dead of august with your pockets completely full of keys and change and whatever, now you have a place to store your phone AND your wallet so that nobody steals it from you while you're rocking out with your %#@$ out, and nobody will try and fuck with you if they think you're carrying heat -- well, actually, just make sure they don't body check you at the door from wearing this.
Get yours Moneypenny.

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