Friday, October 28, 2011

Beatle Fact Friday!

Gorgey Georgy. Hari Hari.

Seen the George Harrison documentary yet? Scorsese directed it -- so it was really long -- but being a devout Beatles fan, I really didn't mind that at all...granted I did watch it in two parts (thanks megavideo for cutting me off)

Anyway, if you haven't seen it already, you should. George is definitely the most "spiritual" of the Fab Four. I never really knew just how deep his spiritual-ness went, but apparently it went pretty fucking deep.

After "accidentally" taking acid for the first time (the Beatle's dentist dosed their drinks...who woulda they say...) George discovered his newfound love for hallucinogens. He took acid quite a bit following that incident and, like most acid heads, became thrilled by spiritual tings like hari hari chrishna and meditating and weird instruments and old men who wear white robes and probably smell really bad (can I say that? is that bad?)

One of George's long time friends, Eric Clapton, (who stole his wifey btw), explains in the documentary that his good friend was one of those free spirits who would show up unannounced with his guitar in hand, always strumming away. He describes one fine spring morning when George came over to his house and they walked around the garden surrounding the back of Clapton's compound and he basically watched George write "Here Comes The Sun." Now, if anybody else showed up at my place unannounced, rocking long hair, huge beard, a wide brimmed hat, equipped with a guitar in hand ready to "jam," I would most likely tell them get the fuck out of my house, but this is George Harrison we're talking about -- and this isn't just some "jam" -- this is here comes the fucking sun!

So here's to the sun, and to George, and the documentary, and to his "spiritualness" even though I'm not really spiritual at all...George! I'd be spiritual for you, baby.


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