Friday, October 14, 2011

Beatle Fact Friday -- The Random Edition

John Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields Forever on the set of "How I Won The War."

The inspiration for the song "For The Benefit of Mister Kite" came from a cirus poster John saw. Most of the characters mentioned were real performers.

Paul isn't wearing shoes, and the VW Beetle you see in the shot was supposed to be moved but the owner was on holiday.

At 2:58 in Hey Jude Paul McCartney can be faintly heard saying "Oh, f***ing hell" after he made a mistake during the recording of the song. (The song was originally written for Julian Lennon, the chorus went "Hey Jules").



On December 30th of 1999, George and his wife Olivia were awoken by a 36 year old man named Michael Abram who broke into the Harrison's Friar Park home calling for him to show his face. Subsequently Abram grabbed a kitchen knife and inflicted seven stab wounds puncturing Harrison's lungs. Olivia incapacitated the culprit by striking him several times with a fireplace poker and lamp. Abram believed he was haunted by the former Beatle, and so God commissioned him to kill George.

In 1964, George Harrison met Pattie Boyd (his first wife) on the set of A Hard Day's Night. Patti's only line in the film was "Prisoners?". She played a schoolgirl in the movie.

Ringo Starr wanted to be a hairdresser when he was younger.

Before Cher became Cher, she was a singer going under the name Bonnie Jo Mason and recorded the novelty song I Love You Ringo about The Beatles’ drummer. (I know, can you believe that's Cher?!?!)

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