Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Roaring '20's Roar On

This past weekend we attended a Jazz Age lawn party on Governor's Island. From the vintage Model Ts parked on the lawn, down to the bottomless St. Germain cocktails being served, it was a decadent Gatsby-worthy bash! In my opinion, costumes should have been mandatory for entry, as the occasional band-tee and blue jeans really killed the illusion. Although those who did dress up (and most did) made for a roaring good time.

The 1920's was an important decade in women's fashion. 1920 was the year that women first got the right to vote and this new-found liberation is reflected in the dress and attitudes of the era. Both hemlines and hairdos got shorter as women discarded their corsets in exchange for flapper styled fringe dresses and feathered headbands. The drop waste came into popularity and, as this was the first decade when women could show off their legs, shoes became an important part of every outfit. Mary Janes with a buckle strap, rounded toe, and a small heal (just thick enough not to sink into the grass at all the prohibition era lawn parties) came into style (similar to the "character shoes" of today).

Hats were all the rage in the 20's. For women, the floppy wide-brimmed sun hat was popular towards the beginning of the decade, while the clouche hat took over the mid to later years. I myself invested in a lovely gray felt cloche hat this weekend, complete with the twisted brim and decorative flower. The intention of the cloche hat was to show off your 20's style bob haircut (of course!). You can find your own 1920's inspired hat at the Village Scandal and shop for other flapper style garments in the village at Angela's Vintage Boutique.

And don't forget to get your tickets to next years Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party!

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